How You Can Help

Sponsorship Program

Do you love chickens or any of our wonderful animals but can’t have one?
Have you fallen madly in love with one of our animals?
Would you like to “gift” an animal’s welfare as a present?
You can now sponsor one of our chickens, ducks or turkeys for $15 a month.
Or sponsor one of our other animals for $30 a month.
The sponsorship money will go towards your sponsored animal’s food and care.
We ask for at least a 6 month commitment with sponsorships.

You will get an emailed Sponsorship Certificate with your chicken’s picture on it.  It would also be a wonderful gift to give that animal lover in your life.

Please contact me and let me know which chicken you would like to sponsor today ❤️

Mark the “make this a monthly donation” box to have the amount taken out monthly:



You also may sponsor one of our rescue Sheep / Horses / Emus / Goats / Alpacas…for $30/ month:
Or if you don’t want to sponsor a chicken, you can choose a one time donation here:

Please follow the above instructions for sponsorship ❤️

We have a wish list on  We would appreciate something for our animals off our list. Click Here

You can choose to benefit our non-profit when you shop on Amazon Smile and choose Funky Chicken Rescue Corp

We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue / sanctuary. 

Your donation is tax deductible and GREATLY appreciated❤️
EIN: 83-2202592